Tuesday, May 22, 2012

tres tray chic

i love maps. not that i can read them. i use to dream of shane and i being on amazing race (because i love to travel and think it might be a fun gig to win a million dollars) but i can't be the map reader (fo' sho') and wouldn't be the be the best option as the driver. i can't (won't) do the bungee stuff and oh yeah, i can't (really i can't)eat strange foreign "cuisines" sooo basically shane would be running the race all by himself. oh, of course i would be there-like next to him-but i bet i wouldn't even be holding my own backpack. that shane. he's kind of a bro.
*poof* there goes my dream just like that. cruel cruel world....

back to maps. 

i wish i had the home that i could frame maps. old, new, large, small torn-whatever and hang them in my grand master hall. i would make it look fabulous-no doubt. somewhere in a home far far away there is a large open wall in a huge grand master hall waiting for me and my surely magnificant map gallery but until then....

can i truly even call this a craft project? project would probably imply that it takes time and is some sort of planned enterprise with design and layout. this isn't that. lets call this cut and paste 101. its easy and fast and you know what i always say....a trained monkey on pbs can do this. annnnd i believe i just referred to myself as a primate.

1. i picked up this tray for $6 and was drawn to the shape of it-wish it was larger but for 6 bucks its pretty great. 

2. take your map (i picked this one because its literally of my hood) lay it out and trace your shape out.

3. glue the map to the bottom, take a razor to trim any overlapping edges and mod podge the heck outta the top of it. 

check it out! sherman oaks-i can practically see my house! 

i think im gonna take some old trays i have that i dont love and do some more for summer.

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