Wednesday, April 11, 2012

5 second hug tee diy

so while i am planning my world tour (bringing the 5 second hug to people near and far) i decided i should probably advertise to let people know why i am charging them with both arms open. ya know, to give them a head start to either run or comply.

awhile back i saw a really cool post about painting bleach on tee shirts with sayings. 
i am a pretty crafty girl but am finding that i have less and less time to craft. but this! this i can do. 

basically my plan is that i will do this in the bathroom. i will lock the door and because i'm using beach i will say i am cleaning. kids know that when you pull out the cleaning supplies stuff's about to get real. they WILL scatter. brilliant! 

here is what you need:

dark tee (if it's too light it doesn't show up, you get bummed, think i suck, it's disappointing all around)
piece of chalk
piece of cardboard
thin brush (bristles should be stiff)

1. i put my tee on first so i can mark a boxed area (with the chalk) where i would paint. nothing worse than having an "o" or to have to dot an "i" right by your boob so this step is fairly important you see.

2. slip the piece of cardboard between the tee so the bleach doesn't seep through the back- although who knows this could look cool to see the reverse design from the back.

 3. use your chalk to write out what you want to say so you don't mess up when you are using the bleach. 

4. take your brush and dip it in a bowl of the bleach. be sure the bleach isn't dripping off the brush. then draw.

 the heart has already been painted by bleach

5. after it dries you will start to see the words or the design you just made appear. you may need to go back over a few areas. put the tee in the sun for an hour or 2 to help it develop.

 cool secret: if you do this on a heathered tee the 
bleach does the reverse and turns black.

this would be really cute to make for a friend who is gonna have a baby on tiny onesies dontcha think? anyone wanna take one for the team and have a baby so we can get crafty up in here??

i have plans to make more of these fun tee's and this was seriously so easy a trained monkey on CBS could do it. that's my kind of craft!